Köszeg, Hungary
1250 m2
Air supported structure
Hockey inflatable dome

The "Szombathely Ice Rink" has been operating for more than 20 years, but it was open for only a maximum of 3-3.5 months/year. Covering an ice rink was the only solution to prolong the season to all year round. Company DUOL built the air dome in only 1 week  – an excellent performance considering the scale of the project! The new indoor ice rink is used as a seasonal structure and solves the infrastructure problems for several associations.  

The 1,250m² air dome structure is not only covering the 20×40m ice rink but also four changing rooms, equipment shops, a snack bar, skate rental, restrooms and a checkout. 

Why cover an ice rink with DUOL air domes?

Unprotected ice rinks are exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is leading to surface and other structural damages that require frequent maintenance. A covered indoor ice rink allows you to expand your ice rink operational time to all year round, complete day.


  • Protect surface and skaters from the weather
  • Expand your facility operational time (extended use in the summer season)
  • Less maintenance is required & Fewer maintenance costs
  • Bright indoor environment: transparent fabrics & LED luminaries

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