Kaunas, Lithuania
8510 m2
Air supported structure
Football / Soccer domes

The 115-meter-long, 80-meter-wide and 21-meter-high air dome is covering a full-size football field. 

New sports facility is a big achievement for the local community. In previous years, when winter comes, most kids have nowhere to workout. This problem is now solved by the new football air dome. More than 500 children at Kaunas Sports School will now be able to train at the same time in the new opened Kaunas football air dome.

It has also unique design and it is decorated with the colors used in the Kaunas Municipality logo.

In addition to the spectacular characteristics, the facility is also equipped with modular containers with changing rooms, toilets, showers and administrative offices.

The air dome is the only such structure in Lithuania

DUOL has built a new huge size football air dome with a unique design.

Tauras football school: