Technology & Innovations

DUOL ECO Membrane, the unique membrane system from DUOL, that ensures the structural stability, excellent thermal insulation, the ultimate strength, and with an amazing flexibility at the same time.
Thanks to its outstanding insulation there is no condensation inside the air dome. DUOL ECO membrane is coated with a special lacquering finish like Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF-II) or Titanium dioxide (TiO2) which increases the material’s quality, lifespan, and the dirt resistance. ECO membrane is certified byindependent European third-party laboratories.


• A unique system with two independent layers*
• Rock-solid design with double pressure lock*
• Super low U-Value. Huge energy savings
• No condensation
• Effective system upgrade (at any time)*
• Easy installation/dismantling, including insulation*
• Unique glass design option
• Higher side walls

• Simple lights fixation
• Electric cables are hidden between membrane*
• UV, chemical and weather resistant fabrics
• Dirt, fungus and mildew resistance
• Fire retardant
• Very high tensile and tear strength
• Long lifespan
• Environmentally friendly, Recyclable

* for certain ECO membrane types

ECO Basic

ECO Basic is DUOL classic membrane system which offers DUOL high quality within your budget.

ECO Advance

ECO Advance is the new generation of membrane system which completely eliminates thermal losses through thermal bridges. This innovative design offers higher thermal insulation and many other advantages over ECO Basic.

ECO Ultra

ECO Ultra is the latest DUOL innovation with the most advanced membrane technology. A state-ofthe-art insulation system between the membranes ensures the lowest possible U-value.

Transparent membrane

DUOL Transparent membrane has an impressive 64% light transmittance and offers a pleasant indoor ambiance.

Opaque membrane

Opaque membrane ensures that AC works with maximum efficiency. It is a type of membrane that is mainly designed for extremely hot regions where sun protection is vital. The membrane withstands heat up to 70 degrees Celsius. The membrane comes in all colours, especially the beige which is the best colour against dust.

DUOL Ventilation/Heating System is pre-engineered for stability. Furthermore, it provides the desired climate conditions inside the dome. The system is completely automatically-controlled.

  • Variable Pressure Control – frequency converter reducing overall energy costs
  • DFS – Double Fan System; modular fan operation, increased reliability
  • Improved modulating system (saving up to 35%)
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger
  • High efficiency condensing units (up to 105% efficiency)
  • Automatic programmable control (wind, snow and pressure sensors)
  • Silent operation - a radial fan of low noise, silencers
  • Heating options: natural gas, LPG, oil, hot water or steam, electricity, heat pump, biomass, combined source.

Reliability and safety are the most important features of DUOL air domes and the constant power supply is a critical item that must not be left to chance.

  • Auto start function and automatic shutdown
  • 12-24 h autonomy, which can be extended up to 100h
  • Equipped with tested and reliable engines of well-known manufacturers (Iveco, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo ...) and alternators (Mecc Alte ...), which have a service network practically all over the world

DUOL have accomplished many projects in the Middle East, Gulf region and other regions with very hot climates. We have installed domes in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other countries in Asia and South America with extreme climatic conditions. Our dome’s membrane is uniquely designed to withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. Our domes are designed AC system ready together with high thermal membrane insulation which reduces the heat entering the dome and maintains the climate inside the dome. A ventilation system ensures the fresh air circulation inside the dome to keep a healthy, fresh and cool environment for the visitors inside the dome. The air conditioning system withstands heat up to 70 degrees Celsius.

DUOL air dome withstands temperatures from -55 ° C and up to +70 ° C, strong winds, storms, heavy snow, ice.


  Excellent performance standards

  Lower costs, better efficiency

  Extended lifespan

LaserLed luminaries are using LED source for light emission. They are suitable for operation under most difficult sports applications. Specially designed technology for precise and high-intensity light source. System efficiency up to 210 lm/W Construction with the optical part is designed for high-intensity light source with a low glare as well as a “no-shadow” effect. The construction is made of steel and aluminum to ensure best possible heat dissipation and a long lifetime. One of the great advantages of LaserLed is its simplicity of construction where all parts can be substituted as well as the power supply being a standard one. LaserLed has the possibility of remote control for dimming purposes if needed.

LaserLED Indirect

• For indirect light applications. Air dome structure height up to 45m
• Power 800W
• Luminaire flux: 110.000lm

LaserLED Direct

• For direct light applications.
• Air dome structure height from 5m-22m height
• Power 200W
• Luminaire flux: 27.000lm

DUOL SmartDome is an innovative solution for the supervision and automation of airdomes. Programmable logic controller (PLC) interacts with different airdome systems and is used for supervision, automation and control solution. Technical data and alarms are transmitted (via GPRS or LAN) and can be managed remotely. Users have easy access via a web cloud-based application where data is stored and accessed by smartphones as well. Alarms are sent to email or SMS.

  • Supervision, alarming and automation
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Data logging and history
  • Modular design
  • Wide range of air dome monitoring/controlling/alarming systems

Why install SmartDome?

  • Energy savings
  • Time savings
  • Real time data
  • Automatisation of daily/repeating tasks
  • 24/7 monitoring & remote control, through smartphone, tablet or computer
  • User-friendly and customisable interface
  • Perfect security from a distance

Every structure needs a solid foundation to keep it anchored and secure. With the DUOL advanced anchorage system, air loss around the base perimeter is significantly reduced, providing savings on inflation.

  • Perfect airtightness
  • Powerful fixation
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • For permanent or seasonal use of the dome
  • Durable hot galvanized steel. Maintenance free

Anchoring without concrete foundation

With a ground-anchoring system, there is no need for a concrete foundation around the air dome. By using ground anchors, the air dome is anchored directly into the ground with minimal ground disruption.

DUOL air domes can be custom-designed according to client’s specifications. Different colors, designs and logos are possible.

Connection Options

Air structures can be fixed to other buildings in a variety of ways. If the need arises for a larger facility, expanding or modifying an air structure is a simple procedure and can be accomplished with a minimal disruption. Air dome can be shortened, prolonged or relocated at any time, even doors, tunnels and connections to buildings can be added additionally.

Air dome on the top of building

Air dome has a flexible design that can be installed even on top of existing buildings.

Enhance your indoor environment with our cutting-edge Illuminated Skylight technology. With the option of a skylight feature, our air domes provide a seamless integration of natural sunlight and enclosed space, creating a captivating lighting experience. The advanced translucent membrane on the roof ensures optimal light transmission, allowing for a well-lit and inviting atmosphere within the air dome. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of technology and nature, as our Skylight technology brings an unparalleled level of luminosity to our innovative air dome structures.

Enhance your view with our Panoramic windows. Designed to provide an unobstructed and captivating vista, our air domes feature panoramic windows that offer a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor environment. Immerse yourself in the surroundings and enjoy the stunning visuals while enjoying the comfort and protection of our enclosed space. 

Destratification system is mounted on the top of the dome and improves temperature distribution inside the dome – pushing the warmer air down from top to bottom. The result is lower energy consumption and a pleasant indoor environment.

As a company involved in the sports industry for more than 30 years, we have been closely linked to trusted suppliers of air dome interiors and we can deliver for you completely equipped turn-key sports object, including stands, offices, locker rooms, toilets, sports flooring, sports equipment, dividing nets etc.