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Latest Project

Innovative structure solutions

Company DUOL designs, manufactures and installs some of the most unique and versatile fabric structures in the world. We are experts in Air structures, Prefabricated frame (wooden/metal) structures and Tent Structures.

DUOL Air domes / Air Supported Structures are most recognized products from DUOL. We are global leader in air supported structures and since company foundation 24 years ago, DUOL installed more than 1300 structures all over the world: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America:


DUOL Air Supported Structures are built to meet virtually any local design requirements and are able to withstand heavy snow / high temperatures and high winds in all types of environments just as any permanent building is required to do. The structure system comes with sophisticated AC packages, doors and lighting packages with a fast delivery. Turn-key building projects can be ready for use in less than 100 days and are completed at a significantly lower cost per square meter than any conventional building. Our latest membrane technology,  certified quality  and official tested insulation properties guarantee maintenance-free operation of fabric buildings. Our membranes are fire retardant and coated with special self-cleaning film to preserve perfect whiteness and significantly extend air dome lifespan.


At DUOL we like to keep things simple and make the process of building your facility as straight forward as we possibly can



 Step 1 - Contact DUOL

If you think a DUOL building could be just what you're looking for then give our friendly team a call. You'll speak directly to one of our construction team, ready to discuss your individual requirements. In this stage we can send you first informative price offer for your new building.


 Step 2 - Arrange a site visit

Your own dedicated account manager will arrange a visit to view the site and discuss your requirements, ideas and explain about our range of buildings and their key features.


 Step 3 - DUOL proposal (pre-planning)

When we feel confident we fully understand your requirements our architectural design team will put together an initial proposal for your approval. This will include an outline specification, giving an overview of your specific build and how much it will cost.




 Step 4 - Planning consent & detailed design

Once you are happy with our proposal we can prepare the detailed planning application or work with your own team to submit the necessary plans. Once approved our team will work with you to take the scheme through to the final detailed design and contract stage.

   Step 5 - Build phase

Our experienced project managers set a start and completion date for the handover of the completed project. They are your dedicated point of contact throughout the build, liaising and keeping you up to date with progress.


 Step 6 - Post Completion

Once you are up and running and enjoying your new facility we are always available to offer support or advice should you require it.


















Why to choose Duol

The team at DUOL is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality in our products and professionalism in our service. Our team is comprised of the most knowledgeable, highly trained and motivated people in the industry. Our confidence in our product allows us to offer the most rock-solid warranty in the business, giving our customers a peace of mind that is unparalleled in the industry.


Complete control over all phases of operations

Engineering Production Assembling Maintaining

Fabric structure engineering

Fabric structure production

Fabric structure assembling

Fabric structure maintaining

Efficient and fast after sale support

• Worldwide service, immediately response and resolution in 99% of cases.
• Analysis and resolution of issues are safely solved by phone or e-mail.
• Sending parts or immediate fly interventions of DUOL technicians.
• After sales service with first degree of intervention carried out by a local partner.
• 5-10 year manufacturer warranty on the fabric and up to 2 years on equipment. Life expectancy more than 40 years.


DUOL is Quality leader


As a certified company with the ISO 9001:2008 standards, we apply this standard to every operation within DUOL organization.

DUOL follows strict ISO 9001:2008 quality standards in every process to ensure client safe and on time delivery.

  Credit worthiness certificate warrants for the business excellence. Our certificate guarantee, that we will be a reliable partner also in the future.
  Solid company organization, worlwide references, innovative solutions: In 2013 DUOL was awarded for “Best managed company in Slovenia”.
  DUOL air domes elements are manufactured in EU, designed according EN 13782 standards and all elements are CE certified.

DUOL innovative solutions are designed to conserve energy, to be environment friendly and to adapt to all the local laws:



DUOL Fabrics
• UV, chemical and weather resistant fabrics
• Self-cleaning, fungus and mildew resistance
• Fire retardant
• High Tensile and tear strength
• Environmentally friendly, 100% Recyclable

DUOL DMS™ (DUOL Double membrane system) is most advance double membrane system available with improved thermal insulation and mechanical resistance. Solutions with different thermal transmittance are available, from 3,05 W/m²K to less than 1 W/m²K:
• DUOL 2x2™



Air generators

• Variable Pressure Control – frequency converter reducing overall energy costs
• Improved modulating system (saving up to 35%)
• DFS – Double Fan System; modular fan operation, increased reliability
• High efficiency heat exchanger
• High efficiency condensing units (up to 105% efficiency)
• Automatic programmable control (wind, snow and pressure sensors)
• Silent operation - radial fan of low noise





LaserLED PRO luminaries

Energy saving LaserLED luminaries are using LED source for light emitting. Construction with optical part is designed for high intensity
light source with low glare. Luminaire is suitable for operation under most demanding sport applications.

    Control system “Intellergy”

The control system “Intellergy” allows real-time monitoring and management of the most essential functions of the inflatable structure. The technical data and alarms are transmitted (SMS, Internet) and can
be managed remotely.

Ad-hoc engineering

Static, structural and thermal calculation, efficiency estimation by DUOL engineers.

• Since 1992

• More than 1300 structures all over the world: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America

• Recognized in different sectors:







Exhibition halls
Landfill Air Domes
Decontamination halls
Emergency shelters
Temporary shelter


• Resistance to extreme weather

Withstand temperatures from -55 ° C and up to +60 ° C, strong winds, storms, heavy snow, ice.

• Very short project execution time

Just few weeks from the date of agreement till the structures is fully complete and ready to be used.

• Seasonal flexibility

Only few days to assemble and disassemble the air dome easily and with minimal effort.

• Ease of structure relocation

DUOL structures can be used as permanent or temporary structures that can be relocated easily.

• Energy efficient structures

DUOL structures are energy efficient due to the fact that it can be used in a seasonal way or when only needed to be protected from certain weather conditions and can be removed when it is not needed. Besides the possibility of using the translucent membrane feature that allows the transmission of day light.

• Conforms to all safety standards

All DUOL structures conform to all safety standards and regulations as they are resistant to fire, earthquakes and U/V. Structures are made of a double-layered extremely durable membrane that it is anti-vandal. All structures are provided with an emergency backup unit and they are eco friendly and 100% recyclable. DUOL is also certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

• Long life span

DUOL air domes have more than 40 years life span.

• Less cost than conventional buildings

DUOL structures require much less construction cost than traditional structures as it doesn’t need sophisticated site preparation such as concrete foundation and framing and other complications that conventional buildings have. Besides the fact that it doesn’t require a construction permit as it is not considered as permanent construction.

• Modern customizable design and branding

DUOL structures have a modern design and could be -unlike traditional building- easily branded and customized in terms of colors and logos to fit the marketing and branding plan of the client. • No wasted space One of the important advantages of DUOL domes is the space saving inside the structure, due to the fact that it doesn’t contain traditional buildings frames and pillars which allows several design options without wasting any available space.

• Intelligent system

DUOL structures are featured with an intelligent and advanced control and monitoring system that automatically control the entire dome settings, it is also possible to be managed remotely via internet and smart phones.

• Multi-purpose structures

We are specialized in several types of structures. We construct multi-purpose sports facilities, agricultural halls, logistics and industrial structures, temporary buildings (exhibition halls, entertainment places, temporary warehouses), civil purposes (hospitals, refugee camps, emergency centers) and military purposes.

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